Our Motto

“Arise and Shine” - Our school focuses on identifying hidden talents in students and further develop life long skills which enable them to be more confident citizens with a passion to share knowledge and experience with others.

Our Vision

1. At Don Bosco School we aim to provide the spiritual, intellectual social and physical development of each child. We seek to foster a high quality education which enhances unique opportunities for our students.

2. Don Bosco School is a vibrant Catholic community of learners. We provide quality Catholic Education for all students. We have concern for all members of our diverse community as unique people who are loved by God.

Our Mission

1. To identify and develop the students’ capacity to manage themselves, their relationships with others and their connections with the world. As our world changes, we are changing our approach to learning and teaching, as we believe in educating our students for life. We aim to provide quality education which nurtures each child’s spiritual and educational growth, within a supportive and caring environment.

2. To identify the aptitude of students and help build their caliber and passion to face challenges of a dynamic and highly competitive world.

Tips To Success

  • Start your day with a Prayer to God

    It leads you to success.

  • Listen to your conscience

    It guides you in the right direction.

  • Respect your parents, teachers and elders

    They are your well – wishers.

  • Choose good friends

    They will share your problems.

  • Be active

    It helps you to be efficient.

  • Be disciplined

    It speaks of your culture. Cultivate good habits and hobbies. They give you self confidence.

  • Be kind and generous

    That gives joy and peace.

  • Thank God

    He has taken care of you.



Don Bosco Matriculation School was established in the year 1992 at Karanodai, a village in Thiruvallur District on the outskirts of Chennai, in Tamilnadu. Fr.K.P Joseph who worked for the poor felt the need of educating the children of the remote villages who had no facility to study in the elite schools. Thus, he started this school in a tiny shed with a handful of students.

Birthday Celebrities

Event Updates

  • Teachers Get-Together

    Our teachers play an important role in communicating, modelling, and overseeing our school program’s core values. 60 staff along with the Sisters had a fascinating day out on the 1st of February, 2014. The long but exciting bus journey took the group to Tangy at Neelankarai. The teachers allowed the mighty yet naughty waves to sweep them off their feet. Amidst the laughter and the music, they enjoyed the delicious food provided on the beautiful lawn. Group games enabled the teachers to bring out their youthfulness once more. This outing strengthened their identity of being part of the Don Bosco family.

  • National Voter’s Day

    25th January is regarded as National Voter’s Day. The day was utilized to spread awareness among voters regarding effective participation in the electoral process. The teachers and students of Don Bosco took a pledge to reaffirm our faith in ourselves, our country and democracy. A rally was undertaken by our students who enthusiastically marched through the streets of Karanodai shouting slogans and urging the public to take up their responsibility as proud citizens of India.

  • Visit of Rev. Sr. Apoline Monis

    Don Bosco witnessed a triple celebration on 13th January: Pongal, the birthday of St. Bartolomea, the foundress of the Sisters of Charity and the memorable visit of Rev. Sr. Apoline Monis, the Assistant General of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity. A dance depicting the sad plight of the Tamils in Srilanka moved the audience to tears. The get-together that followed strengthened the bond of charity among all present.

  • Pongal-O- Pongal

    Many southern states in India, particularly Tamil Nadu, celebrate Pongal as a thanksgiving for a good harvest season. The Tamil and Arts Club conducted a special assembly focussing on the meaning of Pongal and its significance. The speeches and dances combined with the exotic sight of the pongal overflowing from the earthen pot was a thrilling experience for the students.

  • Open Day

    The education process has three protagonists: the parent, the teacher and the student. The Open Day which was conducted from 8th to 10th January, 2014 provided an ample opportunity for the trio to come together, not only for the result of the Half Yearly exam but also to strengthen the relationship between them.

  • English Workshop

    On January 4th, 2014 a workshop was conducted for our teachers by Mrs. Sangita from Ratna Sagar Publications. It emphasized the importance of right communication between teachers and students and the role of relationship in the education process.

  • Christmas Celebrations

    Christmas season is a special time for sharing with the needy and the poor. At Don Bosco, one can witness amazing scenes with children starting from the Kindergarten to high school share their mite with the less fortunate. This provides opportunities for the students to be in touch with the realities of life and also develop sensitivity towards the suffering humanity.

  • Life Skills Seminar

    Life Skills Seminar was conducted on November 25th for the IX Std students by our Science teacher, Mr. Udhayakumar. Besides informative inputs on the facts of life and the challenges of growing up, the sessions were filled with activities and group work.

  • Children’s Day

    14th November - the long awaited event had finally dawned when the students sat before the decorated stage with great excitement and joy to see their teachers perform a variety of roles and attired in different costumes. The thundering applause from the youthful audience amidst peals of laughter marked the day as a memorable one.

  • Spoken English

    28th & 29th October 2013 were days set apart for improving the communicative skills in English. Mr. Barry, resource person from Brainbay, imparted the skills and techniques of Spoken English to the teachers as well as our students. It proved to be quite informative and interesting. .

  • Don Expo 2013”

    On 18th October, the High School students of Don Bosco came out on with an exhibition entitled “Don Expo 2013”. The Chief Guest of the function was Mr. Ravi Kumar, Branch Manager, Pallava Grama Bank. The P.T.A President, Mr. Sundararaman was the guest of honour. Students proudly displayed their exhibits and confidently explained their topic to the public. Neighbouring schools also joined in to have a view.

  • Zonal Sports Meet

    The Zonal Sports Meet was conducted for the first time in the school campus of Don Bosco on 07.10.2013. Around 10 schools and 100 students participated in this competition. Our talented boys and girls bagged the first prize in both the juniors and seniors level. The Zonal Secretary Mr. Kumar distributed the prizes. Hats off to our heroes!!!

  • Gurudharshan

    Our tiny tots stepped into the portals of Don Bosco for the first time on 13th june, 2013 - a promising beginning of the eventful years that would follow. The occasion was presided over by Rev.Fr.Felix, OFM. The KG children were warmly welcomed as they filled the air with cries of laughter, tears and eagerly came forward to receive their toys and books coupled with the blessing of the priest.

  • Investiture Ceremony

    The Investiture for the Captains of the academic year 2013-2014 took place on 27th June, 2013. The Chief Guest Rev. Fr. Singarayan, OFM , the Parish Priest of St.Sebastian's Church, Madhavaram did the honours.

  • Towards a Better Education (Kalvi Valarchi Naal)

    The twin celebration of the birthday of Shri K. Kamaraj and Kalvi Valarchi Naal was celebrated on 15th July, 2013. Mr. Dhamodharan, a senior faculty from the Maths Department, who also heads the Academic Committee of DBK, presided over the function. He pointed out the crucial role played by Shri. Kamaraj in the betterment of Education in Tamilnadu. He not only explained to the students the power and freedom one attains in being enlightened but also the destruction caused through its misuse. After a cultural programme by the Tamil Club, the students were given sweets.

  • MEA Association Program

    On 20th July, 2013 DBK gave birth to a new association entitled ‘MEA ASSOCIATION” consisting of 164 vibrant Christian students and 29 teachers who entrusted themselves to the patronage of St. Bartolomea, the foundress of the Congregation of the Sisters of Charity. After a prayer service and a brief cultural programme, the students, under the leadership of Sr. Arockia Mary, promised to undertake the practice - “To do a good deed everyday”. Thereafter one could see the enthusiastic and fervent group of teachers and students praying daily before the grotto of Our Lady for the various intentions of the school and the world at large.

  • Primary School Tour - MGM

    It was fun time! Away from the routine study and books! Our students went on a picnic in the month of August to the famous MGM Theme Park (Std I & II, IX & X) and Kishkinta (Std. III-VIII). Their joy knew no bounds at the sight of the tora tora, roller coaster, joy ride etc. Laughter and gaiety marked the day as they moved from ride to ride while the tiny tots from the kindergarten spent a lovely day along with their teachers at Children’s Park, Guindy. . Truly, it was an unforgettable experience to be cherished.